Albany County Stormwater Coalition

Construction Activity Permit

Oversight of the NYSDEC Construction Activity Permit (GP-0-15-002)

A Guidance Document for MS4s and Other Stormwater Practitioners – Forms for MS4s and SWPPP Content Check Lists. Developed by members of the Stormwater Coalition of Albany County. Released March, 23, 2016.

Reviewing Stormwater Management in Site Design: A Guide for Planning Board Members Version 2 – 2015 – A  Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation Districts (LHCCD) publication (New York State)


Maintaining Stormwater Practices-3 Videos                                                (Chesapeake Stormwater Network)

Stormwater BMP and LID Maintenance: A Guide to Proper Maintenance Practices for Local Government Staff and Landscapers (15 minute)

Inspecting LID Stormwater Practices: A Guide to Proper LID Inspection Practices for Local Governments and Contractors (11 minute)

A Guide to Proper Construction Techniques for Contractors, Local Governments and Involved Homeowners (15 minute)


MS4 Local Laws: Stormwater Mgmt & Erosion and Sediment Control

City of Albany

Town of Bethlehem

City of Cohoes

Town of Colonie

Village of Colonie

Village of Green Island

Town of Guilderland

Village of Menands

Town of New Scotland

Village of Voorheesville

City of Watervliet

Albany County (IDDE only)


Erosion and Sediment Control: Site Inspection Guidance

Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook (Vermont)

NYSDEC Construction Stormwater Inspection Manual_v1.05_8-27-2007


Stormwater Coalition General Maintenance Cards: NYSDEC Stormwater Management Practices 

F-1 Surface Sand Filter

F-2 Underground Sand Filter

F-5 Bioretention

I-1 Infiltration Trench

I-2 Infiltration Basin

O-1 Dry Swale

O-2 Wet Swale

P-1 Micropool Extended Detention

P-2 Wet Pond

P-5 Pocket Pond

W-3 Pond/Wetland System

W-4 Pocket Wetland


Stormwater Coalition General Maintenance Cards: Invasive Species Removal

Appendix FC 13 New York State Invasive Plants

NYS Invasive Plant List Images for Cards


Design Tools and Webmappers (Websites)

DEC Stormwater Interactive Map

Extreme Precipitation in New York & New England

USGS NY Water Science Center

USDA Web Soil Survey


NYSDEC Construction Activity Permit Documents 

New York Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control

New York State Stormwater Management Design Manual (2015)

Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity-General Information (DEC)

Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity (GP-0-15-002): Issued 1/29/2015; Expires 1/28/2020

NYSDEC Blue Book Lite 2017

Research and General Information (Websites)

National Stormwater Quality Database

Center for Watershed Protection

University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center

CWP Stormwater Manager’s Resource Center